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Why Invest With Us?

Today’s market investors are looking for high cash returns, equity growth and tax advantages. BMI provides all of these.

Substantial Returns

  • 16-22% annual return to investors

Cash Flow

  • Quarterly distributions for investors

Equity Growth

  • We acquire value-add assets for optimum equity growth

Tax advantage for multifamily investing:

  • Deductions

  • Passive income & pass through deductions

  • Capital gains

  • Depreciation

  • 1031 Exchange

  • Tax-deferred retirement accounts (self directed IRA)

  • Self-Employment/FICA Tax

  • Opportunity Zones

We assess the risk and reward of every deal we underwrite, allowing us to pass on the security and profits of our investments.

Accredited vs. Non-Accredited investor?

What's the difference?


Invest with Us

Acquire cash flow positive, multi-family properties that provide excellent returns for our investors and managing team members.

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